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Edward Muennich grew up in southwest Ohio and has lived in Oregon, Alaska, the Czech Republic, and Maine. He has worked as a carpenter and a studio assistant for jewelers, potters, and other crafters. Currently he lives in Maine on Mount Desert Island and has a camp in Piscataquis County.

Edward has a background in arts and crafts, primarily painting and drawing, but has come to photography relatively recently. Some of his images are playing with long exposure- giving water an ethereal quality, or creating "double images"; in others he is capturing interesting natural events such as sea smoke or reflections. All of the images are a result of his exploring places he loves, looking in depth for compositions that excite him.

Connect with Edward on: Instagram, or Flikr.


The Maine Magazine- Article and photo August-2015

Photo in the Boston Globe online January-2018

Photo selected for the Acadia National Park Superintendent Holiday greeting card December-2018

Photo selected to "Ben's Picks" of DownEast Magazine

Solo exhibition in the Thompson Free Library August-2019

Photo and essay in the Friends of Acadia Journal, Winter 2021, page 33.

Freelance images for Friends of Acadia published in the  Acadia Journal, Winter/Spring 2024, pages 24-25.


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